A very happy year

Sunday was our first wedding anniversary.   As we’re off to Bruges with Sarah’s brother and father in a fortnight’s time, have only recently returned from Italy and this weekend was the big St Albans fireworks display, we weren’t going away.   So, we had friends round for drinks, chilli jacket potatoes and a trip to the fireworks (though some of the wimped out, wisely, given how wet we got).

And then on Sunday, we went for lunch at Darcy’s restaurant here in St Albans.  Sarah had a delicious looking chicken and chorizo starter, followed by pumpkin and goats cheese salad, with me choosing the Italian three bean soup followed by pork with sage-roasted apple.  And then we both decided that as it was our anniversary I might be allowed to fall off the diet wagon for just one day and splurge on desert.  And what a desert – chocolate, caramel and peanut spring roll with chocolate ice cream.  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  Very good value too at £19.90/head!

Earlier in the day we exchanged gifts.   I have a wonderful new book about St Albans Abbey (paper is the first anniversary) together with his’n’hers sponsored donkeys at the wonderful Donkey Sanctuary near Sidmouth.  And Sarah has a picture of the Lady Chapel in the Abbey, which was where we were married, taken by me, printed professionally onto paper (of course), then given a canvas effect and wrapped onto a wooden frame.  I can heartily recommend One Vision Imaging!

Anniversary gift