Well, two dudes, and me, who’s not really a cool dude:


Two genuinely nice, friendly people.  And very happy to sign a couple of books and pose for a picture.  Walked back past the shop after they were supposed to be done – there was still a long queue and yet they were still smiling and signing.

It’s always nice to support your local independent bookshop.  Sadly St Albans lost theirs when Paton Books closed (although they do still run a book fair in the Town Hall on a regular basis). But Maher Books in Welwyn Garden City is only a few miles away, well stocked and the staff are always very friendly.  OK, so you can order from Amazon, and cheaper, but it’s nice to be able to browse sometimes, and if you’re doing that the least you can do is support them.   They’re on the third floor of the Howard Centre just by the stairs down from the carpark; why not pop for a coffee in Bebo afterwards? Best coffee shop in the town and just outside the other end of the Howard Centre. Their salads and soup are rather good too!

And to finish off my review of the year…

July – 199/365 Skater
199/365 Skater
August – 217/365 Abandoned
217/365 Abandoned
September – 251/365 Ziggurat
251/365 Ziggurat
October – 303/365 Look of Love
303/365 Look of love
November – 312/365 Remembrance
312/365 Remembrance
December – 352/365 Reflection
352/365 Reflection

You may (if you have a long memory with a capacity for very small and unimportant details) recall that I was doing a Projec365 – one photo a day for a year.   I started off posting them on here, but soon stopped because it was one more step beyond posting to Flickr, and most of you who are on here and of a photographic bent are also on there.

The time has come, however, for me to bore you one final time with 2009. Herewith my “best of” – a shot per month which I think was the best.

January – 26/365 Old man river
26/365 Old man river
  February – 33/365 Winter
33/365 Winter
  March – 81/365 Bawa
81/365 Bawa
  April – 109/365 Odeon
109/365 Odeon
  May – 140/365 In tune
140/365 In tune
  June – 158/365 Billy
158/365 Billy


Actually, I lied.  I’ll bother you twice – there’s still the second half of the year…

Friday afternoon was a belated birthday treat.  Mum and I went to see Cirque du Soleil’s current touring show, Varekai, in London. 

One word review: Wow!

More than one word review: What a show.  Completely unlike childhood trips to the circus, yet clearly the circus and not just dancing.  A magical story, humour, and infectious music…


Best viewed large!

It’s been hot, hot, hot all week.  The gentle breezes of today are very welcome.  I’ve been trying to avoid the peak of the rush hour for the last week and, if I’ve not been able to, to get on a slow train which are normally a little cooler. So I’ve not been too much like this:

Poor Phoebe has taken to lying under the bed.  It’s not easy when you wear a fur coat that you can’t take off.   She’s a lot more herself today, and has been purring around the house like normal.

Random TV jottings, in no particular order:

  • Why show The Wire with an episode every day? It’s far too hard to keep up with so many episodes at once.  Especially as the V+ box only takes 80 hours and we do want to record some other stuff too!
  • Damages series 2.  I’ve stopped watching.  The first series was pacy, and the use of flashbacks/flashforwards really kept me guessing along the way.  By contrast, the second series seems to plod a lot more and doesn’t work anywhere near so well.
  • Desperate Housewives.  Still fluff.  Still enjoyable. Even if I can do something else at the same time.
  • The Apprentice.  No, I don’t like any of the candidates.  Yes, we are still gripped.  And it’s even better with the live blog from the Grauniad.  And with this too:

  • Law & Order: UK? OK.  But the quality let it down – “He’s been granted a bail?”  What – a crook goes to court to argue that he has been unlawfully deprived of a piece of cricketing apparatus?
  • Henry VIII: Mind of a Tyrant.  David Starkey.  Will no doubt be a bit provocative, but always interesting.
  • Lewis: Not quite as good as Morse.  But Hathaway and Innocent are growing into being good characters. Now if only Lewis and Hobson could get it together…
  • Genius. A work of genius! Titter along with this:

The start of March.  Spring has sprung, so out and about a bit more – when work allowed.

67/365 It’s been a hard day’s night… 68/365 Murphy nose
67/365 It's been a hard day's night... 68/365 Murphy nose
69/365 Blossom 70/365 New specs
69/365 Blossom 70/365 New specs
71/365 Rooftops 72/365 Red red nose
71/365 Rooftops 72/365 Red red nose

After the fun and frivolity of Red Nose Day (limited, sadly, to sitting and watching on TV rather than doing anything particularly funny!) we headed down to my parents…