Well, two dudes, and me, who’s not really a cool dude:


Two genuinely nice, friendly people.  And very happy to sign a couple of books and pose for a picture.  Walked back past the shop after they were supposed to be done – there was still a long queue and yet they were still smiling and signing.

It’s always nice to support your local independent bookshop.  Sadly St Albans lost theirs when Paton Books closed (although they do still run a book fair in the Town Hall on a regular basis). But Maher Books in Welwyn Garden City is only a few miles away, well stocked and the staff are always very friendly.  OK, so you can order from Amazon, and cheaper, but it’s nice to be able to browse sometimes, and if you’re doing that the least you can do is support them.   They’re on the third floor of the Howard Centre just by the stairs down from the carpark; why not pop for a coffee in Bebo afterwards? Best coffee shop in the town and just outside the other end of the Howard Centre. Their salads and soup are rather good too!