Best of 2009

You may (if you have a long memory with a capacity for very small and unimportant details) recall that I was doing a Projec365 – one photo a day for a year.   I started off posting them on here, but soon stopped because it was one more step beyond posting to Flickr, and most of you who are on here and of a photographic bent are also on there.

The time has come, however, for me to bore you one final time with 2009. Herewith my “best of” – a shot per month which I think was the best.

January – 26/365 Old man river
26/365 Old man river
  February – 33/365 Winter
33/365 Winter
  March – 81/365 Bawa
81/365 Bawa
  April – 109/365 Odeon
109/365 Odeon
  May – 140/365 In tune
140/365 In tune
  June – 158/365 Billy
158/365 Billy


Actually, I lied.  I’ll bother you twice – there’s still the second half of the year…