Up Pompey – with some pictures of (HMS) St Albans

I promised you I’d start getting through the backlog of pictures.   So here’s the set from our outing to Portsmouth when we were last down in Chichester.

We started by buying an ‘all in’ dockyard ticket which included a boat tour of the dockyard.  This was something I’d never done, despite having been to Portsmouth countless times in my youth.  And in our honour, HMS St Albans was in port.  We also did the Mary Rose, HMS Warrior and the dockyard museum, leaving HMS Victory for another trip down (the tickets are good value as you can go back and do the bits you missed out at any point in the next year).

After that, we made a quick trip to Gunwharf Quays to pick up a canteen, then up the Spinnaker Tower for a look at the view.  Finished somewhat late (it opened in 2005 – not bad for a millennium project, eh?) and the subject of a massive overspend (the District Auditor no less got involved), the view is impressive.  It was a little misty to see the far side of the Isle of Wight, but you get the idea.  And you can also see my attempt to cure my fear of heights by taking the ‘walk of faith’ – a glass floor 100m above the ground.

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Hello, (another) sailor Engineering in motion
HMS St Albans
Trying to cure my fear of heights