TV riddle-me-re

Random TV jottings, in no particular order:

  • Why show The Wire with an episode every day? It’s far too hard to keep up with so many episodes at once.  Especially as the V+ box only takes 80 hours and we do want to record some other stuff too!
  • Damages series 2.  I’ve stopped watching.  The first series was pacy, and the use of flashbacks/flashforwards really kept me guessing along the way.  By contrast, the second series seems to plod a lot more and doesn’t work anywhere near so well.
  • Desperate Housewives.  Still fluff.  Still enjoyable. Even if I can do something else at the same time.
  • The Apprentice.  No, I don’t like any of the candidates.  Yes, we are still gripped.  And it’s even better with the live blog from the Grauniad.  And with this too:

  • Law & Order: UK? OK.  But the quality let it down – “He’s been granted a bail?”  What – a crook goes to court to argue that he has been unlawfully deprived of a piece of cricketing apparatus?
  • Henry VIII: Mind of a Tyrant.  David Starkey.  Will no doubt be a bit provocative, but always interesting.
  • Lewis: Not quite as good as Morse.  But Hathaway and Innocent are growing into being good characters. Now if only Lewis and Hobson could get it together…
  • Genius. A work of genius! Titter along with this: