New year’s photography resolutions

There’s a great article over at Photojojo of New Year’s Photography resolutions – check it out here.

Having read all of the suggestions, I decided that I already do some of them. Others aren’t practical for me. But… I might just try Project 365. It might be a bit more difficult to actually have the camera with me each day at some point but hey, others (Amanda,Simon, Michelle) have inspired me and I think I should give it a go!

Herewith, picture #1. Me. Ready for action.


Technical notes:
Nikon D90, Nikkor 18-200mm f3.5-5.6G IF-ED AF-S VR DX @122mm. 1/60 @ f/5.3. Flash in commander mode with SB-800 on half power behind me.
PS: Amanda / Spongey / Meeshy – best to post to a community or to a group on your f-list that people can opt in-and-out of? What worked for you?