Birthday bliss- Part 1

Wednesday was my birthday, but online time has been limited since then owing to a trip to Brussels and busy busy busy at work.

The day started rather early with the alarm at 0550 (the normal time!) but we did catch a train about 15 minutes later than our normal one – because that meant time to open… presents!

I have been spoilt rotten!   Mum and Dad have got me some vouchers and a chopping board that folds (which I really really wanted!) and a mystery present. Phoebe got me a T-shirt and a Wii game.  And Sarah spoilt me with a photography day (which I knew about – watch out for the pictures in March) and a pasta maker (which I didn’t!)

After a day at work, it was off to for a quick pre-theatre pub supper, then…


What a show!   The stage at Drury Lane is larger than many; they’ve used it very well to fill it with wonderful scenery, a company of eighty actors and superb choreography.  Such good tunes as well, and a story that has clearly stood the test of time.  Oh, and of course Rowan Atkinson.  Who steals the show.  And is a truly sinister Fagin, ably supported by Burn ‘Torchwood’ Gorman, Tasmin ‘I wasn’t the BBC competition winner but that’s cos I’m already a professional who’s done it before’ Carroll, a great Oliver and an Artful Dodger with perfect comic timing.  Go and see it.  Several times if you can.   You’ll come out feeling so much better with the world!