9/365 Pimm’s O’clock

We failed to get Sarah a Pimm’s teapot, Pimm’s Winter for the warming of, before Christmas.  Largely because when she decided she wanted one they weren’t there!  Anyway, I ordered one for her online and it has finally arrived.   For some reason the various bits of the kit (scarf, gloves, tea cosy) were all a slightly different shade of orange. So I thought I’d try this one in Black and White.

9/365 Pimm's O'Clock

If you like normal Pimm’s then you really should try the winter variety – it’s delicious.  Based on brandy rather than gin, and served warm with apple juice rather than on ice with lemonade.

Technical notes:

Nikon D90. Nikkor 50mm f1.8 AF 1/60 @ f/4 ISO 200. SB-800 flash.