18/365 Treeface

18/365 Tree face

Neither Sarah nor I had ever been to a Wassail before.  So we were a little curious as to what to expect.  Well, fans of ancient English traditions wouldn’t be disappointed by the St Albans incarnation.  The event started with three dances by Wicket Brood, a local morris dancing group.  Then we made our way to the big tree in the centre of the orchard.  A few wassailing songs, the tree was given cider and bedecked with toast (!).  Then we made loud noise to ward off any evil spirits, before heading for the refreshments.  Delicious local hot spiced apple & elderflower juice and many apple-based snacks!  A few more pictures below:

Wicket Brood Border MorrisDSC_0037Wicket Brood Border MorrisWicket Brood Border MorrisDSC_0024