Bag of delights

So, I failed to post this from way back in, oh, October… Yes, I finally got around to buying the camera I’d promised myself from the bonus I got in January.  And by waiting a little, I got a new but cheaper model than I’d intended…


Ah, the tell-tale bag from Grays of Westminster. For those of you who’ve never been, beware.  If you’re a Nikon user, it is impossible to step through their hallowed portals without spending money.  They’re very friendly there though, and don’t mind giving you a lot of free advice whilst helping you choose your purchases.  And they don’t do anything but Nikon.  So you’re guaranteed they know what they’re talking about.

So, here it is, the box of delights itself.  I’ve splurged out on a new Nikon D90 to replace my previous D50.  Fond as I was of the D50, I’d found I was now wanting to change settings far more often. And having to dive into the menus each time was frustrating me – having buttons that naturally fall under your thumb is just so much better.  I was on the verge of buying a D300, Nikon’s semi-professional/serious amateur offering.  But I’m glad I waited. No, not for the video capability.  Simply because this is nowhere near as heavy.  Which is important when you’re carrying a very heavy lens on the front all day.



And here it is.  The new, smaller Nikons wouldn’t give me the features I wanted.  And no, I’m not just talking about buttons versus diving into menus.  See that button the bottom left of the lens? Yes?  Depth of field preview.  Something that needs physical functionality and can’t just be done in software.  The D90 is the first model in Nikon’s range with this.  Plus the smaller models (D60, D40) are, well, smaller.  Which means that when you’ve got hands my size they’re fiddly.  This feels very natural to use.

And everything you get in the box. Same battery as the old camera, so I now have a spare and a spare charger.  CD – useful for some; I’ve not put it in the drive yet as Lightroom will pull pictures in direct.  And that 278-page manual… which I’ve still not finished reading.  The notable omission? Yes, no new lens.  Tempting as it was to spend more, I really didn’t want Nikon’s kit lens. It is remarkably good value in the kit (only £120 more for a 18-105mm lens with image stabilisation).  But I already have the 18-200mm lens which has been just about glued to the front of my D50 and is now firmly fixed to my D90.


My one regret? I’d pre-ordered with Jessops because there was a good deal with a memory card thrown in for free.  I ordered they day they became available.  It was shown as pending before our trip to Italy and always going to be touch and go as to whether it would arrive in time.  And it didn’t.  Without bothering to e-mail me, or anything, they cancelled the order.  No, I didn’t just re-order. I did what I should’ve done in the first place and went to Grays.  No, I didn’t get the free memory card.  But I did get some advice, and gave support to the sort of shop that deserves to stay in business.  And I am now one very happy photographic bunny (at least when I get the chance…)