An unparty political broadcast

I don’t normally post anything political here.  No, I don’t have sinister extremist views. I’m just not sure anyone’d be particularly interested in what I thought.   However, I am making an exception here for a political campaign that is party neutral:’s Free Our Bills campaign.  For those of you who’ve not come across before, they’re the main project of UK Citizens Online Democracy, a charity which exists to promote online democracy (surprisingly enough!).  They are behind some very well known projects including: the Number 10 petitions website, which helps you find out who your local elected representatives are, what they’ve said in Parliament, and which lets you communicate electronically with your MPs, councillors and others.

Their latest campaign is Free Our Bills which is asking Parliament to make draft legislation available in an open way, which will enable their site (and anyone else who wants to offer anything similar) a chance to e-mail interested people when a draft bill comes up that they have previously expressed an interest in (for example, you could ask to be informed of any law that mentions “inheritance tax” or “abortion”), show which MPs were involved in which bits of law and generally open up the law-making process for the 21st century.

If this sounds like something you’d support, please click on the link or picture above and mail your MP, asking them to support the campaign and Early Day Motion 2141.  I have, and received a letter today from her confirming she’ll sign up.  Please do support this – it’s only a few clicks and costs you nothing!