Catching up on the backlog

Back from two weeks ‘off work’ (you wouldn’t know by the two days spent in the office during the first week, and the amount of e-mails on my ‘mobility device’ (it’s not a Blackberry but not sure what else to call it) during the second.  And this week itself has been manic due to various crises, a book publication deadline and three external presentations which need slides done. So little time to reflect and update on what’s been going on whilst I was away!

To start with, a long weekend down in Chichester.  We went down to see my folks and also to see ‘Calendar Girls’ at the Festival Theatre.  Similar but not identical to the film, it was a very funny play – and very carefully acted by the cast who all managed to be photographed in the buff without any of us in the audience seeing anything naughty as they undressed/dressed.   I’m not quite sure about the people sat at the side of the stage though!  Anyway, well done to Linda Bellingham, Patricia Hodge, Gaynor Faye et al.   It’s going to the West End soon and if you get a chance to catch it, you should.

I did manage to snag a few photos whilst in Chichester – click on the picture below for the set.  Pictures from our trip to Portsmouth to follow!

Window, Chichester Cathedral