A fete-ful day

Hoo noo broon cooCupcakesMe and my new friendNicola, Sarah and friend

To Regent's Park on Saturday for the Innocent Village Fete.  Lots of lovely fete-type things including lots of smoothies of course.  Sarah and Nicola decorated the cupcakes above (yes, they were really that bright), I met a cow, the girls met a smoothie, then it was time for…
Herd instinctTaking the plungeCareful, lads!He who rules the rooster rules the roost...Band of the Baldock Midnight MorrisBand of the Baldock Midnight Morris

Duck herding!   Morris men!  Ferrets! Dog agility!
Smoothie centralRun for it or we'll be dinner!Run for it or we'll be dinner!Rupert!Rupert on the A-frame

Start of the day from my perspective?  Rupert – the little fella at the bottom right; he's a West Highland / King Charles cross.