Popping the question

Where the deed was doneApril 20th, 2007. Eighteen months since our first date, and it’s Sarah’s turn to book a ’special celebration’ (we seem to take it in turns – significant anniversaries, Valentine’s etc).

She’s booked dinner for us at St Michael’s Manor, one of the three top restaurants in St Albans.

After a hectic day at work it was lovely to settle down in the conservatory restaurant and just enjoy some delicious food in relaxing surroundings. I hope I had managed to come across relaxed, though I wasn’t entirely sure… because something was pressing on my mind.

After desert it was time. “Shall we go home now? Or do you fancy a walk around the garden?” – I had spied a little platform, pictured above, over the lake. Just the place – sparkly lights, water, and a quiet crisp atmosphere.

“I’m very lucky to have had you as my girlfriend for eighteen months. But I’m not sure I want a girlfriend any more… I might prefer a fiancée.” (drops to one knee) “Sarah, will you marry me?” After a few tears “Yes!”

And then of course we had to come home and tell Phoebe the news – that she could tell the other cats that her humans were getting married. And of course to open the bottle of fizz lurking in the fridge for this very reason. Phoebe even licked some of it off our fingers, so she could join in the celebration too!