Catching up, part 1

Bad Richard.  Bad Richard.  Not been blogging my Project365, er, project as I go along.

So some catching up is in order.

34/365 Input

34/365 Input.  Too snowy to go out and about today.  So a different take on a familiar object.

35/365 Workhorse

35/365 Workhorse. My trusty laptop.  For some reason, only the N key is rubbing off.  No idea why – I must type more Ns than anything else!

36/365 Jump to it

36/365 Jump to it. Again, snow meant my bag was taken up by things like office trousers and shoes, so no room to take the camera to work. Close-up of my trusty trainers.

37/365 Rothko-esque

37/365 Rothko-esque. Well, only a pale imitation.  But it’s his sort of colours.  Idea suggested by my colleague Amanda remarking on the many different colours of jumper I’d warn to the office during snow week.

38/365 Pasta #2

38/365 Pasta #2. Not that good a shot because I didn’t want it to get cold!  Sarah gave me a pasta machine for my birthday.  This is our second attempt – spicy mushroom spinach agnolotti with pancetta sauce.

39/365 Vivid

39/365 Vivid. Gerbera held by a Wimberley Plamp photographed against coloured card blu-tacked to the conservatory window.

40/365 Wintry journey

40/365 Wintry journey. View from the train, betwixt and between St Albans and Radlett.

41/365 Full moon

41/365 Full moon. I used to be a werewolf.  But I’m alright nowooooooooo.   Need to try this one again with a tripod and lower ISO, methinks.