Steam Dreams

To Gloucester in October on a steam train, with thanks for last Christmas to my Mum and Dad.  Our trip on the Sir Lamiel (a ‘King Arthur’ Class 30777, no less, or so the leaflet said) took us from London Waterloo to Gloucester. It was a bit slow from Waterloo round to the main line, but after that we chuffed along quite nicely with a good head of steam (give me a break here, I’m trying to sound like I know about steam trains and failing!).  A quick stop to take on water near Didcot and then off to Gloucester for a look around.  Gloucester’s main claim to fame is the Cathedral.  You might just recognise the cloisters (pictured). I could tell you all about the amazing fan vaulting, the craftsmanship and the light.  But you’d probably far rather know that they double as the school corridors for a certain boy wizard…


Centre. Switch, 1. Topping up, 2. Speeding along, 3. Arrived, 4. Hot work, 5. Sir Lamiel, 6. Gloucester Cathedral, 7. Great window, 8. Tomb, 9. Cathedral, 10. Light, 11. Hogwarts!, 12. Hogwarts!