Whilst I was at the Little Big Cats workshop, I did have one go at using the video option on my Nikon D90.

I’m not a dab hand at using the video option yet, which means there is a little blurring in the middle, but I thought you might all like to see the one I shot.  This is ‘Tiny’ washing his paws.  It’s just like our Phoebe – but forty-five times heavier.

Little Big Cats – Lions from Richard Gillin on Vimeo.

Whilst I’m at it, a video of Mum & Dad’s cat visitor from when we were down there a few weeks back.

"Thomas" from Richard Gillin on Vimeo.

Down to Chichester for a sunny weekend with Sarah.   Mum & Dad’s cute cat visitor came to visit again and seemed to welcome some fresh faces to cuddle him – not to mention fresh laps to sit on.

"Thomas" "Thomas"
"Thomas" "Thomas"
"Thomas" "Thomas"

After that, a trip round the Cathedral:

Chichester cathedral Budgies in Priory Park
73/365 Doorway Candles
On the walls Choir

Dinner that evening at The Earl of March in Lavant.  I recall this place from my youth as being a scruffy sort of pub, with little reputation, then as an empty boarded up place.  I’d not really paid it much attention since 2007 though when it was acquired by Giles Thompson, the former Executive Head Chef of the Ritz. And now the food is delicious and tasty, the place is well presented, and service attentive and polite.  I had fillet of West Sussex beef with rosti potato, spring greens, wild mushrooms & peppercorn sauce followed by sticky toffee pudding with toffee Sauce and vanilla Ice Cream. Recommended.   That just left us with time on Sunday morning for a walk from Emsworth to Langstone, finishing with a pint (well, Sarah had an apple juice – she was driving) sat on the wall by the Royal Oak soaking up the sun and watching Muffin the Westie running around. Recommended if you’re anywhere in the Chichester area looking for a good meal.

Seaside pub 74/365 "Muffin"